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dmgo 07-15-2018 10:21 AM

Brand New Outboard
I want to buy a brand new outboard for my 12' V-hull. A 5 hp should fill the bill. What is the most reliable brand to choose? Honda, Mercury, Tohatsu, or another? Thanks. Tired of problems with buying used...I like to camp during the winter in Everglades Natl Park, so I will be running this motor quite a few miles each trip, and paddling is not a good option. (Ask me how I know)

Boat Tech 09-21-2018 02:31 AM

Hi there, though you may have bought something by now... One thing to consider in/on your engine purchase would be to do your best to try and know if there are a high handful of local dealers for that engine manufacturer both where you live and the general area you plan to visit most frequently in case you should ever find the need to have to get some sort of repairs done sooner to save a trip for some reason or be able to buy OEM parts that fit a bit easier/quicker in case you have to do some sort of repair yourself such as water pump impellers, new propellers and/or prop hardware that fit your engine model, oils etc. etc..

While they all have their quirks for reliability and sometimes it's just the run of the mill, in general Honda and Yamaha just seem to produce a bit less issues overall but in-turn sometimes finding a high handful of repair dealers locally of some areas might be a bit more challenging then say Mercury Marine dealers.

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