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Thread: Advice on outboards
Whats better This poll is closed
Mercury XR6 150 18 69.23%
Johnson 175 VRO 8 30.77%
Voters: 26 100%

Old 06-11-2011, 10:48 AM  
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Cool Advice on outboards

Hi, okay so i am looking into buying a Ranger or a Champion Bass boat for my first purchase. They are both 18.5 footers, but the Champion has the Merc. 150 xr6 and the Ranger has the Johnson 175 VRO. The engines are both from the 80's (I think). I have read up on both and the merc seems to have better reviews, the Johnson has bad because of the VRO. What is the VRO stand for and why does it suck? Any Advice on these two? Thanks


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